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      Child Brushing Teeth Using Toothpaste

      Growing together


      Our international team is united in its hunger and humility. Collaborating across 60 laboratories to be a benchmark for innovation. A focus for ambitious brands. And a catalyst that helps our customers to solve challenges and improve lives.

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      Azelis Insights
      Innovation through formulation

      Azelis is excited to launch its new tagline: ‘Innovation through formulation’, which is a reinforcement of the company’s continuous investment in technical expertise. On the occasion of revealing the new brand promise, Azelis is launching a new brand movie which tells the story of how Azelis’ innovations are part of everyone’s daily life.


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      We are Azelis

      Together with our more than 43,000 customers we provide effective, sustainable and reliable business solutions, developing innovative ways to create value. We are knowledgeable, focussed, entrepreneurial. We are Azelis.

      Work with us

      We currently employ around 2,000 people across the world in more than 40 countries. We value highly competent, forward-looking people.

      Are you looking to work for a highly dynamic and innovative company where you can unravel your talent? Then you’re at the right place.

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      Corporate social responsibility

      We take our responsibilities seriously and work with employees and stakeholders to reduce the environmental impact of our work and to improve the social value in what we do, wherever we get the opportunity.

      Against slavery and human trafficking

      We are committed to ensuring modern slavery does not take place within our business or supply chains. 

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      We represent leading global manufacturers, in more than 40 countries around the world, and 60 labs and technical centres dedicated to the market segments we deliver to.

      • Active in
      • Dedicated to a market segment
      • Worldwide
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